Annuals Flowering
Great self seeding annual. Blooms all summer
Wide variety of colors.  These are in my wildflower garden
Full Sun.  Deerproof!
Begonia Wax
Come in White's, Pinks, and Reds. Blooms all summer
For more formal plantings.  These have copper colored leaves.
Green leaf types are also available. Full Sun. Deer proof!
Ageratum Purple
Come in various shades of purple to blue to white
Blooms all summer. Great bedding plant or in flower pots.
Full Sun. Deer proof!
Great wildflower. Sways beautifully in the wind.
Blooms all summer.Wide variety of colors.  
Full Sun.  Need deer repellent
Dahlia "Dwarf" Figaro mix
Hard to beat these colors!
Blooms all summer. Put these in one bed for great color all
season.Full/part Sun. Deer proof
Dahlia "Dwarf" Rigoletto mix
Hard to beat these colors!
Blooms all summer. Put these in one bed for great color all
season.Full/part Sun. Deer proof
Decorative Dahlia's. One of the most spectacular and dynamic flowers out there is the
Decorative Dahlia.
It is my favorite annual! Native to Mexico, Dahlias were used by the
Aztecs for everything from food to smoke pipes. After they were discovered growing on
the sandy hills of Mexico, they were returned to Spain and Belgium where a long history
of hybridization has created many types of Dahlias we see today.
2/2.5' tall.
Part sun to part shade.
Ageratum White
Ageratum Blue
Gerbera Daisy is a genus of ornamental plants from the sunflower family. They have
striking, two-lipped ray florets in yellow, orange, white, pink or red colors. It is the fifth
most used cut flower in the world (after rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, and tulip).
Good beds and great for pots and planter boxes!
Full sun.
Super Elfin Mix
Impatiens are colorful, easy-to-grow flowers that bloom all year long. Excellent for
garden edging, pots and hanging baskets, impatiens come in 850 varieties. They are
great for planting in groupings, or as a border in a large bed.
 Need spraying for dear.
They thrive in the sun (Except for hot afternoon sun locations), and in the shade.
Double Pink
Double White
New Guinea Impatiens have only recently become popular bedding plants since their
introduction to the U.S.,  in 1972. They are great in hanging baskets, flower pots, as
container plants for the patio, in window boxes, or in flower beds.  It is hard to beat them
when it comes to their beautiful variety of colors. They need frequent watering.
Full to part sun.
African or American Marigolds (Tagetes erecta): These marigolds are tall, erect-growing
plants up to three feet in height. The flowers are globe-shaped and large. Flowers may
measure up to 5 inches across. Marigolds are hardy, annual plants and are great plants
for cheering up any garden.  Marigolds come in different colors, yellow and orange being
the most common. Most of the marigolds have strong, pungent odor.  African Marigolds
are very good bedding plants. Marigolds have a pungent odor which keeps insects at
bay. The soil must be well-drained, moist and fertile. Pinch off the first flowers before
they open. This will lead to a larger number of flowers.  Well drained soil.  
Full sun.
French Marigolds (Tagetes patula): Marigold cultivars in this group grow 12 inches to 18 inches
high. Flower colors are red, orange and yellow. Red and orange bicolor patterns are also found.
Flowers are smaller, (2 inches across). French Marigolds are ideal for edging flower beds and in
mass plantings. They do well in containers and window boxes.
 Full Sun.
Signet Marigolds (T. signata 'pumila'): The signet Marigolds produce compact plants with finely
divided, lacy foliage and clusters of small, single flowers. They have yellow to orange colored,
edible flowers. The flowers of signet marigolds have a spicy tarragon flavor. The foliage has a
pleasant lemon fragrance. Signet Marigolds are excellent plants for edging beds and in window
boxes.  9" to 12" Height.  
Full Sun.
Annual Vinca, or Periwinkle "Catharanthus", is a prolific heat and drought tolerant
annual, perfect for hot, dry areas. It's easy to grow, and requires little or no attention.
believe this plant is the most underutilized of all annuals.
 The plants are grown for its
attractive glossy, green foliage, as well as its flowers. Flowers bloom all summer, and up
to frost. Common colors include white, rose, pink, and red. Vinca is commonly used for
borders, edging, groupings, or bedding plants. Plants grow six to eight inches in height.
Deer Proof! Full sun.
Tithonia rotundiflora "Mexican sunflower",  is a warm season annual with a stout, gangly
habit, growing to 5-6 ft tall and 3-4 ft wide.  The numerous flower heads are brilliant
red-orange, like daisies or zinnias, and about 3 inches across. The beautiful cultivar,
'Torch', was named an All America Selection and is the probably the most popular. Dwarf
cultivars are also available including 'Goldfinger' and 'Fiesta Del Sol' that grow to about 3
feet in height and perfect for smaller gardens.
Full Sun.
Zinnia Elegansis Zinnias come in an array of colors, multi-colors and hues. Zinnias come
as yellow, orange, white, red, rose, pink, purple, lilac and multi-colored blooms.  One of
the easy to grow annual flower, The flowers are ideal for indoor arrangements.Zinnias
bloom from planting time all the way until frost. About 10 species of Zinnia are garden
flowers but Zinnia elegans is most popular. Butterflies are particularly attracted to
Zinnias. So, plant lots of Zinnias if you want many butterflies visting your garden!! 2/2.5'
in height.  The "Pumila mix" is the Zinnia most marketed in this area.
Full Sun.