Design Plans
We generally offer two different types of design plans.  Both are done with a computer
based Landscape Design program.  It is quicker and easier for me to create this type
of Design plan, than a typical Landscape Architectural plan.  It also is must less costly
for my customers.  If you desire an elaborate Architectural plan, I have a Landscape
Architect that I work with, that would supply you with one.
One of your options with the computerized program would be done with photo
imagery.  I would take a picture of the area to design, install it on my imagery
program, and add photo's of proposed plantings, hardscapes, etc.  This is the type of
plan that I think is the most beneficial to my customers because you can visually see
pretty much what the final product would look like before work begins.  Below, I will
show you a couple example's of designs that I have done using this technique.
Design Number 1             Before Photograph
Design Number 1             Final Design Formal Rendi
Design Number 2             Before Photogrph
Design Number 2             Final Design
Below, I will show you an example of a Design I did at Wilbur Peck Court.  I was
commissioned to redesign the entire complex.  Below, I will show you one area that I
did with a more conventional computer generated design plan.
Design Number 3             Before Photogrphs
Design Number 3             Completed Plan
           Design Number 3             Completed Plan Ledger
Below, is a Design I installed, drawn by a Landscape Architect.   
Design Number 1             Final Design Informal Rendition