Deer Fern "Blechnum Spicant"
Interesting foliage
These are in my fern garden.
Christmas Fern "Polystichum Aristochoides"
Evergreen  foliage. Low Growers.
These are in my fern garden.
Cinnamon Fern "Osmunda Cinnamomea"
The most common fern in this area.
Tall and Stately!
Japanese Painted Fern "Anthyrum Niponicum Pictum"
Beautiful silvery green foliage
Low and slow grower
Maidenhair Fern "Adiantum pedatum"
Beautiful and delicate looking fern
Slow grower
Netted Chain Fern "Woodwardia Areolata"
Interesting chain-like shiney  foliage 18/24"
Slow grower
Ostrich Fern "Matteuccia Struthiopteris"
Largest of the ferns 3/5' tall
Looks like cinnamon fern, but is larger
Rock Fern (Korean) "Polystichum tsus-simenense"
Bright green foliage 10/20' tall
Can grow out of rock walls in moist shaded areas!
Royal Fern "Osmunda Regallis"
Interesting foliage 2/2.55' tall
Light green foliage. Grows in clumps. Prefers wet soils
Sensitive Fern "Onoclea Sensibilis"
Interesting foliage contrast to other ferns 18/24" tall
Light green foliage. Prefers wet soils
Tassel Fern "Polystichum Polylepharum"
Low grower
Beautiful dark green shiny foliage. Evergreen!
Interrupted Fern "Osmunda Claytoniana"
Slow grower 2/3'
Beautiful light green feathery foliage.