Ground Cover Creepers
Creeping Jenny -  Moneywort, "Lysimachia nummularia".  Creeping Jenny is a fast
growing, prostrate plant with pairs or round, penny-sized leaves along the slender
stems that snake out from the center of the plant. Plants grow about 2 inches tall but
will spread as wide as space permits. The most common form of creeping Jenny in
the nurseries is the golden-leafed cultivar ‘Aurea’ which has bright, chartreuse leaves
in the spring that take on a somewhat more subdued tone as they age. The green form
is available, but less common. Creeping Jenny belongs to the primrose family. It has
yellow, upturned, five-lobed flowers in late spring. The flowers are a nice bonus, but
the leaves that are its main appeal. Avoid hot afternoon sun.
Part sun/Part shade.
Creeping Charlie
In bloom
Creeping Jenny
Beautiful green draper or
Creeping Jenny "Aurea"
Beautiful bright yellow all
season. In Flower
Ground Ivy - Creeping Charlie "Glechoma Hederacea" is an aromatic, perennial,
evergreen creeper of the mint family. Native to Europe, Creeping Charlie has
naturalized in North America; it is widely encountered in most regions of the U.S. Part
of the reason for the spread of this ground ivy is its rhizomatous method of
reproduction. A variegated version of creeping Charlie is sold at some nurseries.
Creeping Charlie has a squarish stem that varies in length from a few inches to two
feet. The color of creeping Charlie's leaves also varies, from dark green to purple The
funnel-shaped flowers of ground ivy have a bluish-purple color, and the plant spreads
to form a dense mat over the ground.
It thrives particularly in moist shady areas,
although it will also take some sun.
Creeping Charlie "variegated"
Creeping Jenny "Aurea"
Beautiful bright yellow
foliage all season.
Mazus Reptans is a low-growing ground cover which typically grows only to 2" tall. It
spreads by creeping stems which root at the nodes as they go. Features narrow,
bright green leaves (to 1" long) that form a dense, attractive carpet of foliage which
remains green throughout the growing season and well into the fall. Tiny,
purplish - blue, tubular, 2-lipped flowers with yellow and white markings appear in
small clusters in late spring to early summer. Excellent ground cover for small areas.
Also effective grown between stepping stones or in rock gardens. Tolerates foot
traffic.  No serious insect or disease problems.
Easily grown in average, medium to
wet, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade.
Creeping Jenny "Aurea"
With ferns, bordering my stream pond
Mazus Reptans "Alba"  White Flowering