Ground Covers Walk and Patio Cracks

Isotoma fluviatilis "Blue Star Creeper"  is perfect as a lawn substitute, excellent
between stepping stones, under roses, around ponds and decks. Super easy to grow,
can bloom spring to frost and easy to maintain! Can survive up to -20 with snow cover.

Sagina subulata "Irish Moss"  Dense, tufts
of slender stems grow together to form a
lush carpet of green. Small, star-shaped,
white flowers cover completely in spring.
Ideal as a groundcover, terrific between
rocks and stones.
Sagina subulata Aurea "Scotch Moss"  
Dense tufts of slender stems grow
together to form a lush carpet of gold.
Small, star-shaped, white flowers engulf
plant in the spring. Ideal as a
groundcover, terrific between rocks and
Thymus praecox 'Elfin' (Creeping Thyme) All of the thymes are relatively low growing
creepers, but many seem to die out quickly. Thymus praecox 'Elfin' remains
attractive, with soft, gray-green foliage that forms a slow spreading, tightly matted
mound. This is a perfect plant for between pavers and if you have the patience, it
makes a nice lawn alternative. The lavender-pink flowers bloom in early summer and
attract bees and butterflies. For foot traffic it is almost as rugged as a grass. Drought
Tolerant,  Deer Resistant, Scented,
Full Sun.
Thymus praecox Pseudolanuginosus "Woolly Thyme"  Dusty gray foliage and pink
flowers create a versatile evergreen groundcover that will cover dry slopes, fill in
between rocks or liven hanging baskets and containers. Works well between stepping
stones or around roses.
Full Sun.
Sedum spurium "John Creech"  Excellent creeping sedum that forms a tight mat as it
spreads. Bright green stems root at every node, turning burgundy in the fall. Foliage
grows much closer together than other spuriums, making it a delight to have in
pathways, patios and rock gardens.
Full Sun.
Pleniflorus. Lotus corniculatus Plenus "Double Birds Foot Trefoil"  Dark green, tiny
leaves form dense tight mat. Use it as a quick fill between stepping stones or by itself
as a lawn substitute. Completely covered by orange buds, which open to double
yellow flowers. Deer Resistant. Drought tolerant. This plant is the one plant that will
work in any situation!!
Full sun to part shade.
Veronica oltensis "Miniature Speedwell"  
Dainty, olive green serrated leaves bring
your eye down to ground level, to be
surprised by the over-abundant blue
flowers that completely engulf this little
creeper. Perfect in tiny cracks and
crevices. Deer Resistant. Drought
Full Sun.
Veronica repens "Sunshine" "Golden
Creeping Speedwell"  
Brilliant gold
leaves make an attractive spreading
groundcover. Pearl blue flowers. Works
well between pavers or in a woodland
setting. Excellent as an understory
planting for rhododendrons and azaleas.
Deer Resistant.
Part sun to shade.