Monthly Sequence of Bloom and Attraction
I have been Maintaining and Designing Properties in the Greenwich and
Stamford areas for approximately twenty seven years now.  
I can say with
certainty that the number one complaint that I have heard over the
years, is that after the middle of June, or so, that there are no plants or
trees flowering for the rest of the season.
 This, in part, is due to the fact
that years ago, in this area, most homeowners and Landscape
Designer's were infatuated with a limited number of plants that they
were familiar with. Most property's were planted with popular evergreen
shrubs such which included Azalea's, Rhododendron's, and Mountain
Laurel's.  As for deciduous trees, Weeping Cherry, Yoshino Cherry,
Crabapple, and Magnolia would usually top the list.  Don't get me wrong,
these are all great plants and most of them are favorites of mine.  The
problem is that all of them bloom earlier in the season and the last to
bloom is the Mountain Laurel, which blooms in June.  After the Laurel
bloom, for many properties, this is the end of your bloom for the year.

I have created this area of my website to show you that you can have
plants and trees with appeal and bloom throughout the season.  There
are even plants and trees that can be appealing during the winter
months.  There are many shrubs that have attractive berry's such as
Winterberry, which maintains beautiful red berry's into the winter and
Beautyberry, which has stunning purple berry's in late fall into January.
There are shrubs such as Red Twig Dogwood that grow in wet areas and
have beautiful numerous scarlet red branches which can be enjoyed
throughout the winter.  There are trees with exfoliating bark such as
Paperback Maple and Paper Birch, which have a year round appeal.

I will do my best to illustrate to you, through photographs, the numerous
variety of plants that you could conceivably plant on your property,
which would provide you with season-long enjoyment of your
landscaping.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or interests in
some of the plants, please hit the "contact us" button, and I will be
happy to help you.  Thank You.

Kevin Catalano