Perennials Shade/Part Sun
Astilbe is a genus of 18 species perennial, herbaceous flowering plants, within the
family Saxifragaceae. Some species are commonly known as False Goat's Beard, and
False Spirea. Astilbe species are native to Asia and North America. These hardy,
herbaceous perennials are cultivated by gardeners for their large handsome, often
fern-like foliage, and dense, feathery plumes of flowers. Astilbe's are widely
recognized for their profuse blooms in full shade. They are widely adapted to
water-logged conditions, and tolerate clay soils well. Numerous hybrids have been
raised. Astilbe is a tall feathery flowered plant popular as a pond side feature, due to
its previously described growing conditions.
They bloom from mid May to mid June.  
They are one of my all time favorite perennials!
Astilbe "Deutschland"
Color: Pure White
Bloom: Mid May to Mid June
Astilbe "Red Sentinal"

Color: Red
Bloom: Mid May to Mid June
Astilbe "Rheinland"

Color: Pink
Bloom: Mid May to Mid June