Shrubs Deciduous
On this cover page, I will show you some of my favorite deciduous shrubs that do not
have numerous cultivars.  The plants listed on the left have several.
             Forsythia Intermedia

It is hard to beat this plant for early
Spring Bloom!  It is pretty much disease
free and additionally can be a great
screening plant !
        Bottlebrush Buckeye

This plant is one of the most
underused plants that I know of.  It is
basically disease free, blooms in early
summer, and blooms well in shade!
Deer resistant.
       Beautyberry  "Calicarpa"

This plant is great for late season color.  
Berry's start in September and can last
through December, because birds do not
normally eat them!  Disease and insect free.
This photo is from my property.
Deer resistant!
                                   Carolina Allspice

Wonderfully fragrant and interesting flowers in May. The
fragrance is like a combination of strawberry, ripening melons,
pineapples, and bananas! It is pretty much disease free.
           Daphne "Carol Mackie"

Great old fashion plant !  Pink buds turn
to pinkish-white flowers in may.
Variegated foliage makes this plant
interesting all summer!  I have had this
plant for four years!

Beautiful blue flowers in August and September!
It is difficult to find plants with true blue flowers,
as well as a plant that blooms in August and
September.  This is a must have for a sunny area.
       Spiraea "Little Princess"

Great flowering compact shrub. Lots
of pink flower heads in late may. Clip
back after blooming and it will bloom
most of the season. It is pretty much
disease free and
deer resistant !