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Greenwich & Stamford
Connecticut Only
Educated at the N.Y. Botanical Garden School of Horticulture
Phone: 203-698-1304 Fax: 203-968-6226
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Member of The Stamford Arboretum
Home improvement license Ct # 00545361. Fully insured
My name is Kevin Catalano and I want to welcome you to my Website!  I
created this Website to help my existing customers and potentially new
customers know what my company is all about and what we can provide
in regards to plants, trees, lawns, and our wide range of other
services.  I believe that the numerous photographs and information will
be very helpful.  It will enable, you, the customer, to easily see plants
that I recommend or that you can choose on your own for planting on
your property.  I hope that this Website proves to be a helpful tool for

I will do my best to try to help you navigate through the site.  I would
suggest that  you
firstly click the "About Us" button after reading this
Home Page, to learn about my company, my background, and

After returning to the Home Page,  I would then recommend that you
click the
"Services" button.  This page of the Website will list the wide
variety of services we have to offer, which includes,  
all aspects of
Landscape Maintenance & Design, Lawn Care, Drainage Work, and Tree
Removal as well as many other undertakings.

If you click the "Kevin's House" button, you will see various photo's of
my property.  I included these photo's because many of my customer's
and potential customer's have been curious as to what
my property
looks like.

"Plants" button will lead you to a wide range of pages which will
include a
"Sequence of Bloom" button, which will show you
photograph's of plants and trees that will
give your landscape color and
appeal throughout the year!
 You will be led to buttons that will show
unusual plants that most people do not realize that can be grown in
this area such as
Artichokes, Hardy Camellia's, Hardy Banana's, and Giant
 I will show you many of my favorite plants and trees, which are
hardy in our area, interesting and colorful, for the most part disease
free, and have a long term blooming period or appeal.

The rest of the button's are pretty much self explanatory.  
The Website
is obviously still under construction, so some of the pages that I have
mentioned are not completed yet.
 I will continue to work as quickly as I
can to complete them!  If you have questions or suggestions, please
contact me by clicking on the
"Contact Us" button.  Thank You for your
patience and stopping by.

         Kevin Catalano